Babe-bucks Support & FAQ

Q. Who processes the signups?
A. All signups are processed by CCBill Is there a minimum amount I have to generate to get paid?
A. No, but you must have at least $50 due to you before a check is sent out by CCBill. All amounts are accumulated month to month for monies under $50.Q. How does CCBill track the signups?
A. When you sign-up, you are given a unique HTMLcode to link to Oliver's site. When a surfer clicks on that code, they are given a cookie that shows they came from your site. When that surfer joins the site, CCBill looks for that cookie and you are credited with the membership. The new cookie system makes it so that you, the Webmaster has to do absolutely no programming. Simply post the HTML code on the link. This cookie stays with the surfer for 30 days, so even if he leaves and then returns later to join you still get credit for the sign-up.Q. When will I get paid and who pays me?
A. You will get paid WEEKLY directly from CCBill.Q. Can I make money by referring other webmasters to Oliver's Money?
A. Yes - Using our webmaster referral program, if you get other webmasters to sign up with Oliver's Money, you'll receive 10% of what they make, including rebills. Visit our "Tools Section" to find out more and sign up.Q. How do I know I'm not being shaved or ripped off?
A. This is one of the reasons we use CCBill. CCBill is a third party that makes its money by charging Oliver a fee for every sign up we proccess. As a third party, CCBill wants to make as much money as they can so they have no reason to "shave" your sign ups. Also CCBill makes all webmaster payouts so your get paid on time, every-time.Q. Can I use photos from the Members Areas?
A. Yes, just email us for a username and password. We are always adding new girls and updating our available content for our affiliates to promote. Please visit the "Tools Section" to take advantage of this.

Q. How can I see how many sign-ups I'm getting?
A. CCBill provides real time statistics for our webmasters and their traffic. Just click on the "Login Section" on the Navigation Bar above.Q. What else can I do to improve my sales?
A. Email or ICQ us we love to help webmasters with information about improving your sales with banners, hosted galleries, free photos and more. Rules!1. You earn 60% of all signups and all rebills therafter for the life of the membership.

2. All monies will be tracked and paid directly from CCBill.

3. E-Mail marketing (spamming) is prohibited.

4. 10% for any signups generated by the webmaster you refer, will be paid to you for the life of the membership.

5. Sites that contain; Child Pornography, Beastiality, Warez, Passwords, Rape and acts of violence are strictly prohibited from advertising for us, or using any of our promotional banners and images.

6. We reserve the right to suspend any accounts without notice if found to be violating any of our terms in any way shape or form.